Open Help 2012
Materials and slides from a presentation I gave at the Open Help Conference on documentation for developers called “Documentation is code is Documentation.
Systems Administration for Cyborgs
A Cyborg Institute project that introduces basic systems administration concepts and topics targeted at developers and other technical users without systems backgrounds.



In most cases, paths within tychoish.net redirect to pages on tychoish.com wiki, except for the projects outlined above. tychoish.com hosts the majority of tychoish related content, and given the use case


In the future, it might make sense to:

  • move the existing tychoish.com content to tychoish.org to highlight and develop the wiki aspect of the site.
  • replace existing tychogaren.com with a slightly expanded tychoish.net.
  • launch a new blog on tychoish.com using a slightly more contemporary/conventional approximation of a blog.


tychoish is the handle of writer/hacker/blogger Sam Kleinman (sometimes writing as tycho garen.) He blogs and writes, on tychoish.com, which is a wiki/blog hybrid, and hosts projects on the Cyborg Institute. By contrast tychoish.net is a simple and minimal portfolio for non-wiki/blog content.